The safety and wellbeing of our employees, partners, clients and visitors during these uncertain times is our first priority. Rothesay acknowledges that we all have a vital role to play by taking sensible actions to control the spread of COVID-19.

Rothesay’s facilities and health & safety team are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to communicate important changes to all employees as the business adapts. We have taken effective and reasonable steps to ensure that business changes are in line with Government guidelines, reducing the risk of exposure and focusing on employee safety at all times.

Rothesay has carried out a full COVID-19 Risk Assessment to ensure all control measures are effectively carried out whilst being monitored and reviewed regularly. The full risk assessment has been published on our internal intranet.

Please see below control measures and other company policies deemed necessary following the risk assessment, which are in line with Government guidelines.

Working from home
  • Everyone should work from home unless they believe they cannot do so effectively. If this is the case, you must seek new approval from your manager, Exec and RL-HR before coming into the office. These requirements will remain in place until further notice.
Using our office space
  • Anyone who is in the office must follow the Government guidelines and Rothesay office requirements at all times. These include maintaining social distancing and the wearing of face coverings at all times, except at your desk.
  • Employees working from the office are required to read and sign up to our return to office guide.
  • Temperature checks are required at reception for everyone who enters the building.
  • Access pass and automatic door sensors have been installed to reduce touch points upon entry/ exit.
  • Effective social distancing measures have been implemented, including:
    • separate entry and exit points
    • a safe two-way system and one-way in more confined areas, such as stairways
    • two metre floor signage guidance
    • wait zones for two-way traffic areas
    • the restriction to a maximum of two people per lift
    • restrictions to the number of people allowed in meeting rooms
    • the removal of communal seating areas and closure of our gym
    • changing/ shower rooms attended by an assistant to monitor numbers and carry out an enhanced cleaning regime. Lockers are allocated at a safe distance.
  • Employees are advised to bring their own food and eat at their designated desk.
  • Desks are allocated with a two-metre rule. Hot desking is not permitted and sharing of stationery is strongly discouraged.
Facilities and PPE
  • Hand sanitiser stations have been provided at every door, tea point, desk and meeting room in the office.
  • The cleaning regime has been increased, cleaners are cleaning high touch points and communal areas regularly – signage to indicate meeting rooms have been cleaned is in place.
  • The office is professionally ‘fogged’ once a month with an antiviral deep clean which lasts 30 days.
  • PPE stations providing gloves and masks are in place throughout the office.
  • A first aid room is available for those feeling unwell or who develop COVID-19 symptoms while at work.
  • We offer COVID-19 testing facilities to all employees (both at home and in the office) and encourage their regular use.
Travelling to work
  • Where employees are travelling to the office (having received prior authorisation to do so) we ask you to follow Government advice to walk or cycle where practical, or plan ahead and avoid busy times and routes on public transport.
  • Rothesay will provide taxis to and from the office for those who may need them, subject to manager approval.
Employee communications
  • Rothesay regularly consults employees on changes via surveys and through a dedicated cross functional COVID-19 task force.
  • COVID-19 reminder signage is in place in the office for hand washing, high touch areas, restricted numbers areas (such as tea points) and toilets.
  • Mental health guidance has been issued and employees are encouraged to use the Employee Assistance programme/ Mind Tools on the company intranet, for living and working from home well-being.
  • Rothesay has instructed all members of staff not to attend the office should they be experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. They must remain at home and isolate as per the Government guidelines.

We encourage all employees to work with us and help keep everyone safe during this time.

Thank you

Andrew Stoker