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This page is for our policyholders who transferred from PAC with effect from 15 December 2021.

Change in contact details

The contact details to use for your Rothesay policy/policies which transferred from PAC are as follows:


Phone: 0333 222 5662 if you are in the UK, +44 (0)1325 347142 if overseas
Our lines are open 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays)

Write to: Rothesay, PO Box 406, Darlington, DL1 9WB

When contacting us please always quote your policy number and National Insurance number.

Questions & answers

Please see below for some answers to questions you may have as a result of this change.

What is changing?

The main change is you need to use the new contact details above in connection with your Rothesay policy/policies. Your pension benefits are not changing. Rothesay will continue to be responsible for the payment of your pension and, if applicable, any dependants' pensions.

Will the change affect my annuity and its payment date?

No, your pension benefits and the payment date will not change. You will continue to receive the same amount on the same date.

I still have policies with PAC, are the contact details for these also changing?

No, the contact details for these policies have not changed. They are as follows:

Secure Message: Send a secure email from their website:

Phone: 0345 640 0000 if you are in the UK, +44 (0)118 964 5024 if overseas
Lines are open between 8.30am and 6pm, Monday to Friday (except on bank holidays)

Write to: Prudential Customer Services, LANCING, BN15 8GB

I used the previous contact details before I received the notification of change, will my enquiry be redirected?

Yes. There is no need to resend any communications, but please use the new contact details going forward.

Why do you sometimes ask for additional information from me before responding to my question or request?

It is important that we check that the person we are responding to is the person they claim to be. We have to ensure we do not give our policyholders’ personal information to the wrong person or pay their benefits to a fraudster. We therefore sometimes have to ask for more information until we are satisfied that we know who we are communicating with.

Will I now receive a payslip?

We will only issue a payslip if your pension payment changes by more than £5.

What will appear on my bank statement?

You may notice a slight difference on your bank statements or mobile banking app in relation to the payer of your payment.  It previously read “Rothesay Life PLC”, going forward it will read “Rothesay”.

Can I access my policy details online and if so how do I register?

We will be making our online service available to you in the future. You will receive a communication inviting you to register when it is available for your policy/policies.

PAC wouldn’t let me cash-in my annuity, can I do that now please?

While there is legislation which may allow your policy/policies to be exchanged for a one-off lump sum provided we agree to this, Rothesay is not currently able to offer this option.

In the future, we may offer you the opportunity to swap your regular pension income for a one-off lump sum. We are unable to confirm this or provide any timescales at this point in time. Please be assured you will be contacted if the opportunity arises.

Who can I talk to if I have concerns about cost of living or need guidance to make a financial decision?

We have a page on our website designed to support our policyholders. Click the link below to visit this page:

Cost of living support

You may also find some links on the following page useful:

Helpful links and contacts

Will PAC still have access to my data?

Rothesay and PAC will continue to be independent controllers for the data each of us processes in line with our respective privacy notices.

Click here for our privacy notice

Click here for PAC's privacy notice