Documents prepared in 2021

The following documents have been prepared for the legal process leading up to the High Court hearing regarding the proposed transfer on 8 November 2021.




July 2021


Summary of the Independent Expert's report

Independent Expert's report

Rothesay's Chief Actuary's report


July 2021

Scheme documents

Summary of the UK scheme document

UK scheme document


July 2021

Trustee letter

Letter to "new trustees"

This letter is for pension scheme trustees who entered into an insurance contract with
Rothesay since the communication exercise regarding this proposed transfer in 2019.


July 2021

Legal Notice of Transfer

Notice of transfer


Jersey and Guernsey annuities

The scheme documents applying to the transfer of annuities where the policyholders are resident in Guernsey or where they are part of the business carried on in or from within Jersey have also been updated to reflect the passage of time since the 2019 hearings.

Jersey scheme document

Jersey representation

Guernsey scheme document