February 2019

Letters and legal notice

Letter to individual policyholders (UK)


Letter to individual policyholders (Ireland)


Letter to trustee policyholders


Legal notice of transfer

January 2019

Scheme documents

Summary of UK Scheme document


UK Scheme document

The UK Scheme document has been updated see below


Jersey Scheme Document


Jersey representation


Guernsey scheme document

May 2019

UK Scheme document (updated)

This document shows the updates made to the January 2019 version above


January 2019


Summary of the Independent Expert's report

21 January 2019

Independent Expert's report


Rothesay's Chief Actuary's report

17 May 2019


Independent Expert's supplementary report

Please also see the letter of clarification issued by the Independent Expert on 30 May 2019.


Rothesay's Chief Actuary's supplementary report

30 May 2019

Independent Expert's letter of clarification (Guernsey policies)