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When a policyholder dies


It is helpful if we are notified as soon as possible, so that we can provide guidance on next steps, and let you know about any lump sum or dependants' pensions that may be payable.

Please click on the following link to notify us of a death:

Notify us of a death

Documentation we may request

Depending on what benefits are payable from the policy, having received the notification of the death we may request :

  • Death certificate
  • Spouse/civil partner/dependant and/or other beneficiary information, including birth certificate(s), marriage certificate(s) and bank account information
  • Will
  • Grant of probate

In certain circumstances we may ask for additional documentation such as utility bills, mortgage statements and bank statements.


Benefits payable on death

The policyholder's spouse/civil partner/dependant and/or other beneficiaries may be eligible to receive benefits on the policyholder's death. For details, please see the policy document.

Monies to or from the estate

If pension payments were made in arrears, there may be an underpayment and we will pay this to the estate.

If any pension payments were made after the policyholder’s death, or were paid in advance, there may be an overpayment which we will ask to be repaid from the estate.

If probate is needed before an overpayment can be repaid, please let us know. We understand this can take some time.

Notifying other financial institutions

We were one of the first insurance companies to become a member of the Death Notification Service (DNS). This free service is intended to help make the notification process as easy as possible at this difficult and emotional time.

You can use the DNS to inform all relevant financial institutions who are members.

  Read their leaflet

  Go to their website

Guidance available

Age UK

Age UK provide lots of help and guidance for those recently bereaved on their website.

Get help and guidance from Age UK



There is also lots of helpful guidance in the 'Death and bereavement' section of MoneyHelper's website.

Get guidance from MoneyHelper



The death of someone close to us can be one of the hardest things we ever have to deal with.

Read Cruse's 'Grief and you' leaflet


Tax Help

Tax Help has produced a guide regarding Tax at Bereavement which provides a checklist and reminder of things to do with tax when dealing with bereavement.

Read Tax Help's guide

Avoiding scams

Sadly, scammers can prey on those who have recently suffered a bereavement.

Click here for more information