Making preparations

Benefits payable on your death

Your spouse, civil partner or other dependants may be eligible to receive benefits on your death.

Please check your policy document for details.

Your Expression of Wish form

This tells us who you would like to receive any lump sum payable when you die.

Please keep your Expression of Wish form up to date, and make sure we have it. 

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When a policyholder dies

It is helpful if we are notified as soon as possible, so that we can provide guidance on next steps, and whether any lump sum or dependant's pensions may be payable.

Whoever is notifying us should use the contact details on any of our letters. If you are not sure of the right details to use, please find them using the link below.

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Death Notification Service

We were one of the first insurance companies to become a member of the Death Notification Service (DNS). This free service is intended to help make the notification process as easy as possible at this difficult and emotional time.

We prefer to be notified directly about the death of one of our policyholders. You can use the DNS to inform all the other relevant financial institutions who are members.

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Use the service

Guidance to support you

With our support, Age UK has produced two guides that you or your loved ones may find helpful. Please click on the boxes below to open the guides.