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Rothesay Life Plc (”Rothesay”)  takes the privacy of personal data very seriously.

As required under the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), we have provided privacy notices which set out how personal data is processed and protected, and individuals’ rights surrounding this data. Each of our privacy notices is appropriately tailored for the area of business to which it relates.

Our website

This privacy notice is intended for all users of this website.

Website privacy notice

Pensions & insurance

There are two privacy notices which relate to individuals who are entitled to pension benefits secured through us. Their intended audience depends on who our policy is with.

Rothesay’s individual policyholders

This privacy notice is for our individual policyholders, potential beneficiaries of our policyholders and those instructed to act as power of attorney on behalf of one of our policyholders.

Policyholder privacy notice

Members of pension schemes whose trustees have purchased an insurance policy from Rothesay

This privacy notice is for members of pension schemes whose trustees have purchased an insurance policy from us (or, the trustees purchased an insurance arrangement from another insurer and that policy has transferred to us) under which we have an obligation to pay specified benefits to the trustees in respect of the members.

Scheme member privacy notice

In addition to the above privacy notice, we provide pension scheme trustees with whom we have an insurance arrangement with ‘privacy information’ to send to their members. The privacy information explains who we are, what we do and the arrangement we have with the trustees. In particular, it describes how we process and protect pension scheme members’ personal data, and members’ rights surrounding this data.

Trustee privacy information 

Pension annuity policies where the policy is with another insurer

This privacy notice is for individual policyholders of another insurer, or pension scheme members whose trustees have a policy with another insurer, and that insurer has reinsured such policy with Rothesay.

Reinsurance privacy notice


This privacy notice is for individuals with a mortgage over which Rothesay has a financial and legal interest.

Mortgagor privacy notice


This privacy notice is for individuals who are tenants in a residential property that Rothesay directly or indirectly own.

Landlord privacy notice

Ground rent backed debt

This privacy notice is for leaseholders in a property where the landlord has granted Rothesay security over the ground rent payable under your lease.

Ground rent privacy notice

Business relationships

This privacy notice applies to all situations in which Rothesay processes data about any individual with whom we have a business or commercial relationship with.

Business relationships privacy notice  

Job applicants

This privacy notice is for applicants to any company in the Rothesay Group.

Job applicant privacy notice