Members secured







  • Attractive pricing due to Rothesay’s access to ultra-long-dated assets
  • Cover for residual risks from transaction completion
  • Premium locked to a portfolio of gilts, giving price certainty to the trustee and company


Rothesay’s favourable pricing

The transaction covered a section of the scheme that only included members of the scheme who were employed in 2012, so the duration of the liabilities was very long. In addition, a large part of the benefits secured increase each year in line with CPI
Despite these challenges, we were able to provide attractive pricing to the Trustee, thanks to our ability to source ultra-long-dated CPI linked assets

Additional cover for residual risks

The policy included cover for residual risks from the point of completion, to allow the Trustee to provide long-term benefit security to members

Price certainty

We linked the insurance premium to a portfolio of gilts, providing price certainty to the Trustee and Company