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Our investment strategy is focused on long-term safety and stability, without compromise. We constantly find new ways to reduce risk and drive the dependable returns that create real security for people's pensions in the future.

Creating financial security

We match our liabilities with assets

by finding investments that reflect the longevity of our policyholders

We keep a healthy balance sheet

by reducing volatility of assets and liabilities to protect surplus capital from credit spread changes

We reduce outright credit risk

by lending to highly credit worthy institutions, securing loans with collateral or credit protection and increasing investment recovery to avoid credit losses

We protect our solvency

by monitoring our solvency position every day and avoiding risky assets

Our portfolio

We invest in predictable, secure and high quality assets. Over half of our rated assets have a rating of AAA or AA. Our offices in North America and Australia help us to achieve international diversification, with around 40% of our investments being non-UK.

£60bn+ assets under management
24% UK sovereign debt
23% Corporate bonds
12% Mortgages
11% Other sovereign
10% Secured residential lending
9% Infrastructure
7% Cash
5% Other secured lending
1% Other
Figures from FY23

Specialist expertise

In-house specialism

Our dedicated investment team is focused on finding and securing dependable investment opportunities in the UK, US and other developed countries

Agile governance

Our team is empowered to seek out new ways to invest securely, with a lean governance structure to act quickly and decisively when market conditions shift

Real-time protection

Our purpose-built technology platform underpins every investment we make. Its day-by-day financial analysis allows us to react in the moment to market changes

How we minimise risk

With sophisticated analysis and real-time response, we’re purpose-built to protect our financial strength.

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How we invest responsibly

Our Responsible Investment Policy confirms Rothesay’s commitment to implementing responsible investment objectives within our investment decision-making.

Our Responsible Investment Policy