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Our team works closely with yours, thoroughly and collaboratively. We take a proactive approach and pay attention to detail in every step to ensure you achieve a successful and timely outcome.

What we offer

For many of our clients, pension scheme protection is a two step process, starting with bespoke insurance and leading to a complete transfer of members to Rothesay.


Bespoke insurance to bring immediate financial security to your pension scheme.


Full transition into Rothesay's care, providing immediate financial security and protection for your members.

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More about buy-ins

A buy-in is a bulk annuity contract. An annuity is another word for a pension promise and the word bulk simply refers to the fact that multiple members are covered by the insurance policy in one contract.
The contract insures a pension scheme for some or all of the benefits for certain scheme members and is held as an asset of the pension scheme. It protects the scheme against increases in the longevity of covered members and their eligible dependants, as well as insulating the scheme from changes in investment returns, interest rates and inflation.
Buy-ins often cover pensioner members only, but they can also cover deferred members too.

More about buy-outs

A bulk annuity can be split into individual annuity policies, one for each scheme member. When this happens the individuals become our policyholders and stop being members of the pension scheme.
This process is called a buy-out and usually occurs after all of the benefits of all of the members of a pension scheme have been secured in a buy-in. After a buy-out of all of the benefits of a pension scheme, the scheme can start to close down by winding up its operations.

Meeting the needs of your scheme

Every solution we create is bespoke. Our specialist team of actuarial, investment and administration experts work closely together to find exactly the right structure and process for a successful outcome for you. While we specialise in large and complex transactions, we continuously seek better ways to secure pension schemes of all sizes.

Adapting to your specific risks

We can cover all your risks, or an agreed combination of risks. Every detail of our offer is customised to ensure your scheme has the protection you need.

Problem solving approach

We have a track record of finding new solutions to deliver against trustees’ requirements, however unusual they may be.

Genuine service excellence

We pay particular attention to the experience we provide for all parties involved – trustees, advisers and members.

Securing your scheme

Our dedicated team brings the highest levels of support for a smooth and efficient transition.

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