Our team works closely with yours, thoroughly and collaboratively. We take a proactive approach and pay attention to detail in every step, to ensure you achieve a successful and timely outcome.

Security from the start

Detailed preparation

We take time to fully understand your requirements, data, and obligations, for a comprehensive and tailored proposal.

Bringing early certainty

We focus on bringing you certainty, taking every opportunity to protect your scheme from unforeseen risks.

Focused on expert support

We work closely with every party involved, guiding the way for a smooth de-risking journey.

Our report: The journey to buy-out

In this report we’ve compiled expert perspectives from the industry and the team at Rothesay to help trustees prepare at each step – from attracting insurers to protecting your scheme through a buy-in, to fully securing your scheme members through a buy-out.

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Setting up for success

Our team regularly shares best practice experience with trustees and their advisers.

  • Deciding what to price

    How do you make sure that your scheme receives attention from insurers in a busy market? And what can you do as a trustee to ensure that your scheme is in a good position to approach the bulk annuity market?

    Hear from Sammy Cooper-Smith,
    Head of Business Development

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  • Investment considerations

    A good deal can still go wrong if your scheme is not well prepared on the asset side of the transaction. With a bit of planning, however, good can become great.

    Hear from Tom Seecharan,
    Business Development

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Real care for your members

Rothesay is the first insurance company to be awarded PASA Accreditation for our policyholder experience. Service excellence is a real priority.