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We hire ambitious, analytical graduates and sit them next to our industry experts. Together they tackle some of our company's most challenging problems.


Along side desk based and functional training with their team members, we offer a structured programme of development courses and events specifically designed for our graduate and junior hires.

We partner with some of the best training facilitators to host sessions that enhance soft skills, communication and operational efficiency, as well as provide training on industry specific technical skills such as learning about the more complex financial models for those who use them day to day.


Our founders, and each member of our leadership team are engaged in the programme. Graduate hires will have regular interaction with senior management.

Rothesay has an extensive support network to turn to. Team members and previous graduate hires are on hand to provide day to day guidance. There will be regular check-ins with divisional executives and an executive level sponsor to provide mentoring support.


Each of our graduates on the programme have a specific set of skills and in turn are given unique accountabilities from the beginning. This means that they are responsible for contributing to Rothesay from day one, with support from their colleagues and peers.

How to apply

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