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Our interim 2023 results

A buoyant bulk annuity market driven by material improvements in pension scheme funding levels has created considerable opportunities during 2023 which Rothesay has started to capitalise on, with our disciplined approach delivering strong financial performance.

Tom Pearce, Chief Executive Officer of Rothesay, said:

“Rothesay’s substantial capital resources combined with our proven capability to execute large and complex transactions carefully, means we are able to effectively capitalise on the exciting new business opportunities we are seeing and transact on our record new business pipeline.

As we navigate a bulk annuity market which has never been more buoyant, we will maintain our disciplined approach to underwriting, our focus on operational excellence, and our continued investment in our purpose-built risk management systems. It is this approach which allows us to deliver excellent financial performance despite ongoing economic turbulence, protecting the future for our policyholders and delivering value for our two long-term and supportive shareholders.”

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