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Rothesay supports Pensions Awareness Day

Rothesay Life is proud to support Pension Awareness Day 2018.

The Pension Awareness Campaign is an initiative launched in 2014. The aim of the campaign is to alert the nation that it is not saving enough for retirement and to unite the financial services industry, businesses, employers and the government to share innovative ideas and to work together in driving engagement with retirement saving.

As the Pension Awareness Campaign bus tours Britain, you are welcome on board to seek free guidance from our team of on board advisers. Whether you are just thinking about starting a pension or perhaps you’ve come to the end of your working career and are about to retire, all questions are welcome, big or small.

This campaign also aims to support businesses in helping them to prepare for their automatic enrolment duties and supporting them in engaging the workforce with their pension communications.

More information can be found here.