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Statement on Capita’s cyber incident

You may have seen the recent media coverage that Capita, who provide pension administration services to some of Rothesay’s policyholders, has recently experienced a cyber incident that involved unauthorised access to its IT systems.

Rothesay has been informed by Capita that this incident has unfortunately impacted the personal data of approximately 50,000 individuals who were former members and dependants of Telent’s GEC 1972 Plan and joined Rothesay in 2019. It is only these individuals who joined Rothesay in 2019 from Telent’s GEC 1972 Plan who are affected and Capita has confirmed they are the only Rothesay policyholders impacted by its cyber incident.

All impacted individuals are being contacted by post by Rothesay to reassure them that their pension policies are unaffected and to provide further details and guidance on what steps they should take to protect their data. If you are not contacted within the coming days you have not been affected.

Individuals who have been affected are also being offered a specialist fraud monitoring service provided by Experian, one of the UK’s leading Credit Reference agencies, as a precaution. Membership will be paid in full at no cost to those impacted.

There is no evidence that any Rothesay policyholder data has been misused, or that it is available illegally, including on any third-party websites. In addition to security measures being taken by Capita, Rothesay has employed independent cyber security experts to continue to verify that this remains the case.

Rothesay has been working very closely with Capita to understand how its cyber incident occurred and to put things right. Rothesay’s own systems were not impacted at all by the incident.

Protecting the data of the over 825,000 pensions we secure is a responsibility we take incredibly seriously. On behalf of Capita and Rothesay, we would like to offer our deepest apologies for any concern that this incident may have caused.

Have you been affected?

Former members of Telent’s GEC 1972 Plan are the only Rothesay policyholders impacted by Capita’s cyber incident. Capita has confirmed that policyholders who joined Rothesay from other pension schemes, or who are members of other pension schemes now insured by Rothesay, have not been affected.

If you were a former member, or dependant, of Telent’s GEC 1972 Plan and have been impacted by this incident, we are contacting you directly with further information. Additional advice is also available at: