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We will pay your regular pension payment directly into your bank account for the rest of your life.

P60s and payslips

Each year we will send you your P60, usually by the end of May. We will also send a payslip if your payments change by more than £5.


Policyholders sometimes ask if they can cash-in their pension, meaning surrender their right to future pension payments in exchange for a one-off lump sum.

If you are already receiving regular pension payments you do not have the right to cash-in.

Benefits payable after you die

Your spouse, civil partner or other dependants may be eligible to receive benefits on your death. Please check your policy document for details.

Click here for our bereavement page

Keep in touch

You can contact us at any time. Please make sure you keep us up to date with your personal details especially your contact address, email and telephone number(s).

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