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Full buy-in


  • Uninsured liabilities of the scheme (c90% deferred) were fully insured in less than 3 months
  • Certainty provided using a price lock mechanism until transaction signed
  • Reach plc able to restructure its business


  • Background
    Price certainty and a quick transaction were required as part of a wider business restructuring. LCP led the transaction on behalf of the scheme.
  • Creating certainty
    We created certainty by offering a transparent price-lock mechanism.
  • Moving quickly
    The Trustee sold its equity holdings to partially stabilise the funding shortfall early.
    We provided an attractive transactable price within four weeks of receiving data.
    The Trustee moved quickly to sell its remaining return-seeking assets and restructured its LDI portfolio to align with Rothesay’s price-lock.
    Contractual documentation was agreed and signed swiftly.