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Head of Rothesay Asset Management Australia

Matt Kennedy is Head of Rothesay Asset Management Australia and responsible for establishing and building our presence in Australia and the broader Asia Pacific region. Prior to joining Rothesay, Matt led Asia Pacific financing and solutions businesses for Deustche Bank AG.

Since Rothesay's prescence in Australia was established, it has originated over $2bn (AUD) of high quality assets.

Our dedicated investment team, based in Sydney, is focused on finding and securing dependable investment opportunities in Australia which fit our strict lending criteria. The assets they secure add to the diversification of our portfolio and, as with all of our investments, we never compromise on the quality and stability of our positions.

Utilising Rothesay’s international experience in managing long-term assets which are well-matched to the longevity of our policyholders, the team has delivered a number of innovations in the Australian market including the structuring and financing of some of its first ever 20 year and 30 year investment products.

Asset classes

Our portfolio in Australia includes liquid and illiquid assets and is focused on lending to highly credit worthy institutions in areas such as:
  • Residential and commercial real estate

  • Infrastructure and utilities  

  • Government agency

  • Higher education financing

Case studies

Darling Quarter Office

Purchase of ground lease rental income from Property New South Wales.

The M7 motorway

Purchase of ground lease income from New South Wales State. Ground lease payable by operator under motorway concession agreement.

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  • Size: $190m (AUD)
  • Tenor: 30 years, fully amortising
  • Tenant: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Size: $170m (AUD)
  • Tenor: 22 years
  • Operator: Transurban

Where to find us

Rothesay Asset Management Australia
Level 32
200 George Street
NSW 2000

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